Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orgasm and Indian men, poles apart

Orgasm and Indian men, poles apart
Orgasm and Indian men, poles apart

Indian men may claim to have a healthy sex-life, but a new international survey claims that orgasm often eludes them.

Only 46 per cent of Indians manage to achieve orgasm almost every time they have sex but their counterparts in Italy, Mexico, Spain and South Africa are the most likely to climax, with 66 per cent of them managing to hit it right almost every time, claims the latest 'Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey'.

However, the Indian men can find solace in the fact that their Asian counterparts from China and Hong Kong (both 24 per cent) are the least likely to achieve orgasm every time, who are closely followed by Japanese (27 per cent).

The survey further points out that the more orgasms one has, the better he feels in general.

Fifty eight per cent of those who usually achieve orgasm were content with the emotional aspects of their sex life compared with the 29 per cent of those who rarely climax, the survey conducted among 26,000 people in 26 countries said.

Indian men too seem to second the global trend with 84 per cent of them who frequently achieve orgasm, feeling at ease sexually and 72 per cent of men being happy with their psychological health.

Though men around the globe might not enjoy very high orgasm, the survey points out that women get a worse deal when it comes to getting climax during sex, with only 26 per cent feeling so.


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