Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Music album launched for first time on Nokia Mobile

Nokia became the first cell phone maker to launch a music album in India, directly on the device by joining hands with popular fusion artist Rabbi Shergill to premiere his new music album in digital format on its Nseries devices. Ashok Kumar of talks to Devinder Kishore, Director Marketing, Nokia India on this innovative strategy.

What edge is Nokia looking forward to vis-à-vis the other players after launching Rabbi Shergill’s new music album exclusively on Nseries devices?

DK: We have already taken a leap by this launch in the sense that people will find it even easier to identify with us. By having an album by Rabbi on the launch of this product we have tried to send a message that we understand our customers’ tastes and are ready to cater to them through our varying range of products.

Shergill is a new age fusion artist, an iconic singer who is hugely popular and we want our customers to experience and explore the same kind of creativity with us.

Which segment of people are you particularly targeting by this launch?

DK: We are targeting the youth, basically. People, who are young not only by their age but those who are young at heart and want to enjoy their life.

Do you believe that the Indian market for cellphones is heading towards saturation?

DK: No, it’s not like that. If you look at the figures circulated by Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the penetration in the Indian market is just 22%, which shows how much more is yet to be tapped in reality. So, looking at this vast potential there is enough scope for the industry to grow in this country.

How do you see the presence of Nseries in the market?

DK: It is a high-performance enabled range of multi-media devices that have been designed with the latest technologies to serve the consumers as an ‘all in one device’ to enjoy entertainment, access information and capture quality pictures and videos at will.

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