Saturday, March 29, 2014

What is Life and How it Works?

What is Life? - Life is your jouney on earth. We are all passengers.
How life works - Life is good to be happy and if you wait for the best time. You will always be delighted to know the real fruit that you have gained after so many debacles, tears, heart-breaks, mistrust and success but if you live well you will certainly die well. Never think that you are not doing anything great in the world. Your contribution to the world is a donation to the Humanity. The more you give the more you will get to give to get more. Future is decided the way you have been born under whose guardianship you have studied the Basics of Life. Intermediate Life is when you get married or stayed single forever. In this phase you will learn the depth knowledge to challenge the world.
Once you die or your partner dies in this phase you entered final. If you die before your partner. You were intelligent to understand the games of Life and there is no necessity to learn where you have mastered in life. If your partner dies before you. You were not a good student to advance to the new zone of life. The last years are like a time to repent, reconcile and recollect the lost wisdom and try to infuse this into the new generation.

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