Friday, March 14, 2014

Ways #Entrepreneurs Find True Love and Happiness

1. Find someone who shares your passion.

They don't have to be passionate about the exact same thing that you are, but it's helpful if they're at least passionate about something.

2. Find someone who shares your values.

Most entrepreneurs, whether they articulate it or not, recognize that there are only three kinds of resources in this world--time, money, and people. The most limited of these is time.

3. Find someone who believes in you.

There is always somebody who wants to tell you that your goal can't be accomplished and your dreams are too big. (Sometimes, that person is you.) The one person it can't be, however, is your significant other. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur and enjoy the ride, you need to be with someone who is convinced you have what it takes to prevail.

4. Find someone who admires your sacrifices.

You make sacrifices as an entrepreneur, but more than that, you're constantly asking your significant other and everyone else in your life to do so, too. That's basically impossible to sustain long term if the people you love don't support those goals. Either you'll have to scale back (which makes it less likely you'll succeed as an entrepreneur) or the relationship probably won't work out.

5. Find someone who accepts your chaotic mind.

Bear with me on this one; it works. Let me save you the self-reflection. Chances are, if you're an entrepreneur, you're a Chaos Muppet--and you need an Order Muppet who celebrates your craziness. 

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