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List of Islamic terrorist attacks in the World


             Nov 28, 1981 – Damascus, Syria. 64 killed in car bombing by Muslim Brotherhood.[2][not in citation given][better source needed]

             October 9, 1987 – Kabul, Afghanistan. 27 killed in car bombing at mosque.[3]

             April 23, 1988 – Tripoli, Lebanon. 69 killed, 125 injured when truck bomb exploded in market[4]

             May 16, 1989 – Beirut, Lebanon. 22 killed including Sunni Muslim leader, 100 injured in car bombing when more than 300 pounds of TNT,blew up in west Beirut[5]

             July 7, 1989 – Tel Aviv Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack, near Kiryat Yearim. 16 dead.[6]




Osama bin Laden (1957–2011) was the founder of Al-Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for many high profile attacks, including the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and the September 11 attacks.



The 1996 Khobar Towers bombing by Hezbollah Al-Hejaz killed 19 Americans, one Saudi, and wounded 372.

             February 26, 1993 – World Trade Center bombing, in New York City. 6 killed.[7]

             March 13, 1993 – 1993 Bombay bombings. Mumbai, India. 257 dead, 713 injured.[8]

             April 6, 1994 – Afula Bus suicide bombing, Afula. 8 dead[9]

             April 13, 1994 – Hadera bus station suicide bombing, Hadera. 5 dead[10]

             April 16, 1993 – Mehola Junction bombing, Mehola junction, West Bank. 1 dead[11]

             July 28, 1994 – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vehicle suicide bombing attack against AMIA building, the local Jewish community representation. 85 dead, more than 300 injured.[12]

             October 19, 1994 – Dizengoff Street bus bombing, Tel Aviv. 22 dead[13]

             November 11, 1994 – Netzarim Junction bicycle bombing, Netzarim. 3 dead[14]

             December 24, 1994 – Air France Flight 8969 hijacking in Algiers by 3 members of Armed Islamic Group of Algeria and another terrorist. 7 killed including 4 hijackers.[15]

             January 22, 1995 – Beit Lid massacre, Beit Lid Junction. 21 dead[16]

             April 9, 1995 – Kfar Darom bus attack, Vicinity of Kfar Darom, Gaza Strip. 8 dead[17]

             July 24, 1995 – Ramat Gan bus 20 bombing, Ramat Gan. 6 dead[18]

             August 21, 1995 – Ramat Eshkol bus bombing, Jerusalem. 4 dead[19]

             February 25 and March 3, 1996 – Jaffa Road bus bombings, Jerusalem. 45 dead, 55 injured[13]

             March 4, 1996 – Dizengoff Center suicide bombing, Tel Aviv. 13 dead[20]

             June 25, 1996 – Khobar Towers bombing, 20 killed, 372 wounded.[21]

             March 21, 1997 – Café Apropo bombing, Tel Aviv. 3 dead[22]

             July 30, 1997 – 1997 Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings, Jerusalem. 16 dead [23]

             September 4, 1997 – Ben Yehuda Street Bombing, Jerusalem. 5 dead[24]

             November 17, 1997 – Luxor attack, 6 armed Islamic terrorists attack tourists at Egypts famous Luxor Ruins. 62 killed, 26 injured.[25]

             February 14, 1998 – Bombing in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. 13 bombs explode within a 12 km radius. 46 killed and over 200 injured.[26]

                August 7, 1998 – 1998 United States embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. 224 dead. 4000+ injured.[27]

             September 4–16, 1999 – The Russian apartment bombings were a series of explosions that hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk. The explosions occurred in Buynaksk on September 4, Moscow on September 9 and 13, and Volgodonsk on September 16. 293 dead, 1000+ injured. Several other bombs were defused in Moscow at the time.[28]

             October 31, 1999 – EgyptAir Flight 990 – goes down, purportedly by suicide of relief First Officer Gameel Al-Batouti, in Atlantic Ocean about 60 miles (97 km) south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, 1999,- 217 people on board killed.[29]




The north face of Two World Trade Center (south tower) immediately after being struck by United Airlines Flight 175


Hasib Hussain, who detonated the bus bomb in Tavistock Square in the 7 July 2005 London bombings, is captured on CCTV leaving



One of the bomb-damaged coaches at the Mahim station in Mumbai during the July 11, 2006 train bombings, 209 people were killed, 700 injured



Damage caused by the Jerusalem bulldozer attack on July 2, 2008

             August 5, 2000 – Christmas Eve 2000 Indonesia bombingskilling 18 [30]

             October 12, 2000 – Attack on the USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden. 17 American sailors were killed, 39 injured.[31]

             March 4, 2001 – 2001 Netanya bombing, Netanya. 3 dead [32]

             May 18, 2001 – 2001 HaSharon Mall suicide bombing, Netanya. 5 dead[33]

             June 1, 2001 – Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing, Tel Aviv. 21 dead[34]

             August 9, 2001 – Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing, Jerusalem. 15 dead [35]

             September 9, 2001 – Nahariya train station suicide bombing, Nahariya. 3 dead [36]

             September 11, 2001 – 4 planes hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda hijackers: two planes crashed into World Trade Center and one into the The Pentagon. Nearly 3000 dead.[37]

             November 29, 2001 – Pardes Hanna bus bombing, Israel. 3 dead[38]

             December 1, 2001 – Ben Yehuda Street Bombing, Jerusalem. 11 dead+2 sucide bombers.[39]

             December 2, 2001 – Haifa bus 16 suicide bombing, Haifa. 15 dead [40]

             December 13, 2001 – Suicide attack on Indian parliament in New Delhi by Pakistan-based Islamist terrorist organizations, Jaish-E-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba. Aimed at eliminating the top leadership of India and causing anarchy in the country. 7 dead, 12 injured.[41]

             January 25, 2002 – 2002 Tel Aviv outdoor mall bombing, Tel Aviv. 25 injured[42]

             January 27, 2002 – 2002 Jaffa Street bombing, Jerusalem. 1 dead[43]

             February 16, 2002 – Karnei Shomron Mall suicide bombing, Israel. 3 dead, 30 injured[44]

             March 2, 2002 – Yeshivat Beit Yisrael massacre, Jerusalem. 11 dead[45]

             March 9, 2002 – Café Moment bombing, Jerusalem. 11 dead[46]

             March 20, 2002 – Umm al-Fahm bus bombing, Israel. 7 dead [47]

             March 21, 2002 – King George Street bombing, Jerusalem. 3 dead[48]

             March 27, 2002 – Suicide bomb attack on a Passover Seder in a Hotel in Netanya, Israel. 30 dead, 133 injured.[49]

             March 30, 2002 and November 24, 2002 – Attacks on the Hindu Raghunath temple, India. Total 25 dead.[50]

             March 29, 2002 – Kiryat HaYovel supermarket bombing, Jerusalem. 2 dead[51]

             March 31, 2002 – Matza restaurant suicide bombing, Haifa. 15 dead[52]

             April 10, 2002 – Yagur Junction bombing, Yagur. 8 dead[53]

             April 12, 2002 – 2002 Mahane Yehuda Market bombing, Jerusalem. 6 dead[54]

             May 7, 2002 – 2002 Rishon LeZion bombing, Rishon LeZion. 15 dead[55]

             May 7, 2002 – Bombing in al-Arbaa, Algeria. 49 dead, 117 injured.[56]

             May 19, 2002 – Netanya Market bombing, Netanya. 3 dead, 59 injured.[57]

             May 23, 2002 – Pi Glilot bombing attempt, Tel Aviv. averted Thousands of dead[58]

             June 5, 2002 – Megiddo Junction bus bombing, Megiddo Junction. 17 dead

             June 11, 2002 – 2002 Herzliya shawarma restaurant bombing, Herzliya. 1 dead

             June 18, 2002 – Patt Junction Bus Bombing, Jerusalem. 19 dead

             June 19, 2002 – 2002 French Hill suicide bombing, Jerusalem by the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. 7 dead, 35 injured.

             July 16, 2002 – 2002 Immanuel bus attack, Israel. 9 dead

             July 17, 2002 – Neve Shaanan Street bombing, Tel Aviv. 5 dead

             July 31, 2002 – Hebrew University bombing, Jerusalem. 9 dead

             August 4, 2002 – Meron Junction Bus 361 attack, Israel. 9 dead

             September 19, 2002 – Allenby Street bus bombing, Tel Aviv. 6 dead

             September 24, 2002 – Machine Gun attack on Hindu temple in Ahmedabad, India. 31 dead, 86 injured.[59][60]

             October 12, 2002 – Bombing in Bali nightclub. 202 killed, 300 injured.[61]

             October 21, 2002 – Karkur junction suicide bombing, Israel. 14 dead

             October 27, 2002 – Sonol gas station bombing, Ariel, West Bank. 3 dead

             October 23, 2002 – Moscow theater hostage crisis; Some 40 to 50 Islamist militant separatist seized a crowded Moscow theater taking 850 hostages. 170 killed, 700 injured.[62]

             November 21, 2002 – Kiryat Menachem bus bombing, Jerusalem. 11 dead

             January 5, 2003 – Tel Aviv central bus station massacre, Tel Aviv. 23 dead

             March 5, 2003 – Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing, Haifa. 17 dead

             April 30, 2003 – Mike's Place suicide bombing, Tel Aviv. 3 dead

             May 16, 2003 – Casablanca Attacks – 4 simultaneous attacks in Casablanca killing 33 civilians (mostly Moroccans) carried by Salafia Jihadia.

             May 18, 2003 – 2003 French Hill suicide bombing, Jerusalem. 7 dead

             May 19, 2003 – Afula mall bombing, Afula. 3 dead

             June 11, 2003 – Davidka Square bus bombing, Jerusalem. 17 dead

             August 5, 2003 – 2003 Marriott Hotel bombing in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Indonesia; suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the JW Marriott Jakarta lobby, killing 12 and injuring 150

             August 19, 2003 – Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing, Jerusalem. 23 dead

             September 9, 2003 – Tzrifin bus stop attack, Israel. 9 dead

             September 9, 2003 – Café Hillel bombing, Jerusalem. 7 dead

             October 4, 2003 – Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, Haifa. 21 dead

             December 25, 2003 – Geha Interchange bus stop bombing, Israel. 4 dead, 20 injured

             January 14, 2004 – 2004 Erez Crossing bombing, Gaza Strip. 4 dead

             January 29, 2004 – Gaza Street bus bombing, Jerusalem. 11 dead

             February 22, 2004 – Liberty Bell Park bus bombing, Jerusalem. 8 dead

             March 14, 2004 – 2004 Ashdod Port bombings, Port of Ashdod. 10 dead

             March 11, 2004 – Madrid train bombings. 191 killed, 1460 injured (alleged link to Al-Qaeda).

             August 31, 2004 – Beersheba bus bombings, Beersheba. 16 dead

             September 1, 2004 – Beslan school hostage crisis, approximately 344 civilians including 186 children killed.[63][64]

             September 9, 2004 – 2004 Australian Embassy bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia; suicide bomber exploded a one-tonne car bomb, which was packed into a small Daihatsu delivery van, outside the Australian embassy at Kuningan District, South Jakarta killing 9 and injuring over 150

             October 7, 2004 – 2004 Sinai bombings, Sinai peninsula, Egypt. 34 dead

             November 1, 2004 – Carmel Market bombing, Tel Aviv. 3 dead

             November 2, 2004 – The murder of Theo van Gogh (film director) by Amsterdam-born jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri.[65]

             January 13, 2005 – Karni border crossing attack, Gaza Strip. 6 dead

             February 4, 2005 – Muslim terrorists attacked the Christian community in Demsa, Nigeria, killing 36 people, destroying property and displacing an additional 3000 people.

             February 25, 2005 – Stage Club bombing, Tel Aviv. 5 dead

             July 5, 2005 – Attack at the Hindu Ram temple at Ayodhya, India; one of the most holy sites of Hinduism. 6 dead.

             July 7, 2005 – Multiple bombings in London Underground. 53 killed by four suicide bombers. Nearly 700 injured.

             July 12, 2005 – HaSharon Mall suicide bombing (July 12, 2005), Netanya. 5 dead

             21 July 2005 London bombings – Four attempted bomb attacks disrupted part of London's public transport system two weeks after the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The explosions occurred around midday at Shepherd's Bush, Warren Street and Oval stations on London Underground, and on a bus in Shoreditch. A fifth bomber dumped his device without attempting to set it off.[66]

             July 23, 2005 – Bomb attacks at Sharm el-Sheikh, an Egyptian resort city, at least 64 people killed.

             October 1, 2005 – 2005 Bali bombings in Jimbaran & Kuta, Bali, Indonesia; a series of bombings kills at least 20 and injures over 100

             October 26, 2005 – Hadera Market bombing, Hadera. 7 dead

             October 29, 2005 – 29 October 2005 Delhi bombings, India. Over 60 killed and over 180 injured in a series of three attacks in crowded markets and a bus, just 2 days before the Diwali festival.[67]

             November 9, 2005 – 2005 Amman bombings. a series of coordinated suicide attacks on hotels in Amman, Jordan. Over 60 killed and 115 injured.[68][69] Four attackers including a husband and wife team were involved.[70]

             December 5, 2005 – HaSharon Mall suicide bombing (December 5, 2005), Netanya. 5 dead

             March 7, 2006 – 2006 Varanasi bombings, India. A series of attacks in the Sankath Mochan Hanuman temple and Cantonment Railway Station in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi. 28 killed and over 100 injured.[71]

             March 30, 2006 – Kedumim bombing, Kedumim. 4 dead

             April 17, 2006 – 2006 Tel Aviv shawarma restaurant bombing, Tel Aviv. 11 dead, 68 injured

             June 2–3, 2006 – A series of attacks erupted against targets in Southern Ontario, Canada, and the June 2, 2006, counter-terrorism raids in and around the Greater Toronto Area that resulted in the arrest of 18 people (dubbed the "Toronto 18") found to be members of an Islamic terrorist cell. 18 Al-Qaeda members were behind this attack plot. They were trying to storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters, and the parliamentary Peace Tower, to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders. No one was hurt

             July 11, 2006 – 2006 Mumbai train bombings, Mumbai, India; a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai. 209 killed and over 700 injured.[72]

             July 31, 2006 – 2006 German train bombing plot was a failed attempt for bombing two regional trains in Germany.[73]

             September 23, 2006 – 2006 Prague terror plot – Islamist extremists were planning to take Jews captive in a Prague synagogue and then blow up the building, killing everybody inside.[38][74]

             January 29, 2007 – Eilat bakery bombing, Eilat. 3 dead[75]

             February 1, 2007 – The 2007 plot to behead a British Muslim soldier – A group of British Pakistanis in Birmingham, England planned to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier in order to undermine the morale of the British Army and inhibit recruitment of Muslims.[76]

             March and April 2007 – 2007 Casablanca bombings, Casablanca, Morocco; seven suicide bombers killed one and injured four over a five-week period[77]

             June 30, 2007 – 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack, Glasgow, Scotland; A car loaded with propane canisters was driven into the glass doors of the Glasgow International Airport terminal and set ablaze. 1 killed and 5 injured.[78]

             August 14, 2007 – Qahtaniya bombings: 4 suicide vehicle bombers massacred nearly 800 members of northern Iraq's Yazidi sect in the deadliest Iraq war's attack to date.[79]

             December 23, 2007 – The Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariate-Mohammadi (TNSM) claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing targeting a military convoy on behalf of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. The blast in the Mingora area of the Swat Valley killed five soldiers and six civilians.[80]

             December 27, 2007 – The Pakistani government implicated the network in the December 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto although the group denies the charge. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency also confirmed its belief of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan's involvement in January 2008.

             February 4, 2008 – 2008 Dimona suicide bombing, Dimona. 1 dead, 9 injured

             February 5, 2008 – February 2008 Bosaso bombings by Al-Shabaab. 25 dead, 80 injured.

             2008 Exeter bombing – A failed attack which happened on May 22, 2008, at the Giraffe cafe and restaurant in Princesshay, Exeter, United Kingdom. Nicky Reilly, 22, a Muslim convert from Plymouth, pleaded guilty to launching a failed suicide attack on October 15. The bomber was the only person injured.[81]

             July 2, 2008 – In the Jerusalem bulldozer attack, an Arab resident of east Jerusalem identified as Hussam Taysir Duwait (also referred to as Hussam Duwiyat,[82] Hossam Dawyyat,[83] or erroneously as Jabr Duwait[84]), attacked several cars on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem, Israel using a front-end loader (erroneously referred to as a bulldozer in the media[85]), killing three people and wounding at least thirty other pedestrians, before being shot to death.[82][86] Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said that an inquiry indicated the attacker had been acting alone. 3 dead, 30+ injured.[87] Three copycat attacks have occurred since then.

             July 26, 2008 – 2008 Ahmedabad bombings, India. Islamic terrorists detonate at least 21 explosive devices in the heart of this industrial capital, leaving at least 56 dead and 200 injured. A Muslim group calling itself the Indian Mujahideen claims responsibility. Indian authorities believe that extremists with ties to Pakistan and/or Bangladesh are likely responsible and are intent on inciting communal violence.[88] Investigation by Indian police led to the eventual arrest of a number of terrorists suspected of carrying out the blasts, most of whom belong to a well-known terrorist group, The Students Islamic Movement of India.[89]

             August 3, 2008 – The 2008 Mogadishu bombings in Somalia. 21+ dead, 46+ injured.

             August 21, 2008 – Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Maulvi Umar claimed that the group was responsible for August 21, 2008 suicide bomb attack on a military complex.

             August 23, 2008 – Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the 2008 Swat Valley bombing.

             September 13, 2008 – Bombing series in Delhi, India. Pakistani extremist groups plant bombs at several places including India Gate, out of which the ones at Karol Bagh, Connaught Place and Greater Kailash explode leaving around 30 people dead and 130 injured, followed by another attack two weeks later at the congested Mehrauli area, leaving 3 people dead.

             October 29, 2008 – 2008 Hargeisa–Bosaso bombings by Al-Shabaab. 30 dead, 80 injured.

             November 6, 2008 – Someone using the name Abdur Rehman claimed that the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan was behind a November 6, 2008 suicide bombing that targeted tribal elders, who had gathered in the Bajaur tribal area to discuss efforts to coordinate with the government against the Pakistani Taliban. The blast took the lives of 16 and injured 31.[90]

             November 13, 2008 – The [[N:Taliban in Pakistan captures convoy bound for NATO troops|Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan intercepted a military convoy]] along the Khyber Pass bound for NATO troops in Afghanistan.

             November 26, 2008 – Muslim extremists kill at least 474 people and wound numerous others in a series of coordinated attacks on India's financial capital, Mumbai. The government of India blamed Pakistan based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and stated that the terrorists killed/caught were citizens of Pakistan, a claim which the Pakistani government first refused but then accepted when given proof. Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorists, was caught alive.[91][92]

             March 3, 2009 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team – A bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers, part of a larger convoy, was fired upon by 12 gunmen, near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan.[93] The cricketers were on their way to play the third day of the second Test against the Pakistani cricket team. Six members of the Sri Lanka national cricket team were injured. Six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed.[87] These were the first attacks on a national sports team since the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes by Palestinian militants in 1972.[94][95]

             March 30, 2009 – In telephone interviews with news media Mehsud claimed responsibility for March 30, 2009 attack on the police training academy in Lahore.[96][97] He told the BBC that the attack was in retaliation for continued missile strikes from American drones for which the Pakistani government shared responsibility. In the same interview Mehsud claimed two other attacks: a March 25 attack on an Islamabad police station and a March 30 suicide attack on a military convoy near Bannu.[96]

             April 4, 2009 – Mehsud claimed responsibility for the Binghamton shootings, stating that they were in retaliation for continued missile strikes from American drones. The FBI denied this claim and stated this was nothing to do with Massod[98]

             June 18, 2009 – 2009 Beledweyne bombing by Al-Shabaab. 35 dead.

             July 17, 2009 – 2009 Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotels bombing in Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Indonesia; suicide bombers hit the Marriott and 5 minutes later the Ritz-Carlton. 9 killed and 53 injured

             August 27, 2009 – Azam Tariq, spokesman of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a security checkpoint along the Pakistan-Afghan border near Torkham on August 27, 2009. Tariq said by telephone that the attack was the first in retaliation for the death of Baitullah Mehsud. Although the exact number of casualties was unknown, a doctor at a nearby hospital told Dawn News that they had received 22 bodies and local people working at the blast site said they had retrieved 13 bodies.[99]

             October 5, 2009 – Azam Tariq claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed five at the UN's World Food Programme Islamabad offices on October 5, 2009.[100]

             October 12, 2009 – The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, through Azam Tariq, claimed responsibility for the October 2009 attack on the army's headquarters at Rawalpindi. Tariq told the Associated Press that the attack was carried out by its "Punjabi faction" although the military insisted the attack originated in South Waziristan.[101]

             October 15, 2009 – The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for three separate coordinated attacks in Lahore. 10 militants targeted buildings used by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Manawan Police Training School and the Elite Police Academy.[102]

             October 25, 2009. Baghdad, Iraq. During a terrorist attack, two bomber vehicles detonated in the Green Zone, killing at least 155 people and injuring 520.

             October 28, 2009 – Peshawar, Pakistan. A car bomb is detonated in a woman exclusive shopping district, and over 110 killed and over 200 injured.

             November 5, 2009 – Fort Hood shooting, at Fort Hood near Killeen, Texas.

             December 3, 2009 – The 2009 Hotel Shamo bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia. A male suicide bomber disguised as a woman detonates in a hotel meeting hall. The hotel was hosting a graduation ceremony for local medical students when the blast went off. 25 dead – including four government ministers – and 60 injured.[103]

             December 30, 2009 – The Pakistani Taliban, as well as the Afghan Taliban, claimed responsibility for December 30, 2009 attack on Camp Chapman, a base of operations for the CIA, inside Khost Province, Afghanistan. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan released a video of Hakimullah Mehsud sitting next to the suicide bomber, Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, a Jordanian national who had been working with the CIA. In the video, al-Balawi states that the attack is in retaliation for the killing of Baitullah Mehsud. Many analysts doubted that the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan acted alone.[104][105]




People mourning the dead after a terror attack in Syria



Police investigating on the site a few hours after the 2011 Marrakech bombing

             January 1, 2010 – Lakki Marwat, Pakistan. A suicide car bomber drove his explosive-laden vehicle into a volleyball pitch as people gathered to watch a match, killing more than 100 people.[106]

             February 14, 2010 – 2010 Pune bombing, Pune, Maharashtra, India. bomb blast ripped through the city's popular German Bakery, close to the Osho Ashram and diagonally across from the Jewish Chabad House[107] killing 17 people and injuring 65.Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) claimed involvement of Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Taiba's (LeT).Police arrested Mirza Himayat Baig Inayat Baig,who allegedly heads Lashkar-e-Taiba's (LeT) module in the state.ATS has also arrested Bilal Baba Hussain Fareed Shaikh (27).In its chargesheet filed in a Pune court, the ATS has also named six other accused – all co-conspirator and absconding – Mohsin Choudhary, Yasin Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal, Faiyaz Kagzi and Zabihuddin Ansari.[108]

             May 1, 2010 – 2010 Times Square car bombing attempt, New York, New York, USA. Faisal Shahzad, an Islamic Pakistani American who received an American citizenship in December 2009, attempted to detonate a car bomb in Times Square working with the Pakistani Taliban or Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan.

             May 28, 2010 – Attacks on Ahmadi Mosques Lahore, Pakistan. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed attacks on two mosques simultaneously belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, killing nearly 100 and injuring many others.[107]

             December 7, 2010 – 2010 Varanasi bombing, India. 2 dead, 37 injured.

             December 10, 2010 – 2010 Stockholm bombing, Sweden. killing the bomber and injuring two people.

             January 1, 2011 – Alexandria, Egypt. A car bomb exploded outside a Coptic Orthodox church after worshippers had gathered for a prayer celebration on New Year's Eve. 21 dead, 97 injured.[109]

             January 24, 2011 – Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia. A suicide bomb attack in the international arrivals hall of Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow killed at least 37 people and injured some 180.[110] Attacks were later attributed to the Caucasus Emirate an Islamist terrorist organisation.

             January 25, 2011 – Manilla, Philippines. A bomb under a bus seat detonated on a passenger bus commuting in Manilla. 5 dead, 14 injured.[111] The attack has been attributed to the Islamist Terrorist Organization Jemaah Islamiyah.

             January 26, 2011 – Khasavyurt, Russia. A car bomb explosion detonated by the Caucasus Emirate an Islamist terrorist organisation ripped through a cafe, with the blast killing and injuring both cafe workers and customers within the Russian city of Khasavyurt. 4 dead, 6 injured.[112]

             March 2, 2011 – 2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting, Frankfurt, Germany. The 2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting occurred on March 2, 2011 at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The shooter, Arid Uka, was arrested and charged with killing two United States airmen and seriously wounding two others. He was sentenced to life in prison on February 10, 2012. The shooting was the first deadly attack in Germany with an Islamist background.

             April 18, 2011 – Pattani, Thailand. Suspected Muslim insurgents have set off a car bomb that killed one soldier and wounded 25 people in restive southern Thailand.[113]

             April 25, 2011 – Maiduguri, Nigeria. An explosion at a hotel killed 3 people and wounded 14 others in northeastern Nigeria. A second explosion went off at a cattle market in the town of Maiduguri; it is suspected that the attacks have been perpetrated by the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram (figuratively, "Western or non-Islamic education is a sin")[114]

             April 28, 2011 – 2011 Marrakech bombing, Marrakesh, Morocco. A suicide bombing struck a cafe in Djemaa el Fna square, killing mostly foreigners and several Moroccan's, in the centre of Morocco's southern city of Marrakesh, which is located in southern Morocco. 16 dead and at least 20 injured.[115] The attack was attributed to the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group.

             June 8, 2011 – Narathiwat, Thailand. Suspected Islamic militants killed two Buddhist monks and left a bomb at the scene that subsequently exploded and wounded five police officers. 2 dead, 5 injured.[116]

             July 18, 2011 – 2011 Hotan attack, Hotan, China. A group of 18 young Uyghur men who opposed the local government's campaign against the full-face Islamic veil perpetrated a series of coordinated bomb and knife attacks and occupied a police station on Nuerbage Street, killing two security guards and taking eight hostages. The attackers yelled religious slogans, including ones associated with Jihadism.

             July 30–31, 2011 – 2011 Kashgar attacks, Kashgar, China. A series of busy markets and restaurants were attacked by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement in the city of Kashgar, by carbombs and stabbing attacks, killing 23 and wounding 42 people in total.[117]

             5 January 2012 Iraq bombings, Baghdad and Nasiriyah, Iraq by Islamic State of Iraq. 73 dead, 149 injured.

             14 January 2012 Basra bombing, Basra, Iraq. 53 dead, 130 injured.

             27 January 2012 Baghdad bombing, Baghdad, Iraq by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. 32 dead, 71 injured.

             January 27, 2012. Baghdad, Iraq. Suicide bomber kills 33 at funeral procession.[118]

             23 February 2012 Iraq attacks, Baghdad, Iraq by Islamic State of Iraq. 83 dead, 250+ injured.

             February 28, 2012 – 2012 Yecheng attack, Yecheng, China. At around 6 p.m. on February 28, 2012, a group of eight Uyghur men led by religious extremist Abudukeremu Mamuti attacked pedestrians with axes and knives on a crowded street. Local police fought with Mamuti's group, ultimately killing all and capturing Mamuti. One police officer died and four police were injured, while 15 pedestrians died from Mamuti's assault and 14 more civilians were injured.[119]

             20 March 2012 Iraq attacks, Baghdad and at least 9 other cities, Iraq. 52 dead, ~ 250 injured.

             March 20, 2012 – 2012 Midi-Pyrénées shootings in Toulouse, France Algerian gunman on a motorcycle kills 4 at a Jewish school. 7 dead, 5 injured.

             April 30, 2012 – Gunmen of Boko Haram kill 15 people and wound many more in Nigeria.[120]

             July 10, 2012 – Timbuktu, Mali. Islamist militants of the Ansar Dine group destroy tombs of the Djingareyber mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site.[121]

               September 11, 2012 – On the anniversary of the 2001 September 11 attacks in the United States, Islamist militants killed 4 and wounded 7 in the Benghazi U.S. Consulate attack including American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

             September 29–30, 2012 Muslims Attack Buddhist Temples, Homes Over Quran Facebook Photo in Chittagong. The latest reports indicate that about 15 temples and pagodas and about 100 houses of Buddhists living in the area had been set on fire.[122][123]

             November 21, 2012 – Tel-Aviv, Israel. Bus explodes on Tel Aviv's Shaul Hamelech Street; 28 wounded, one seriously, one moderately.[124]

             February 21, 2013. – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. A series of two bomb blasts in a crowded place killed 16 people and 119 were injured. There were two blasts on Thursday at 6.58 p.m. and 7.01 p.m. The bicycle had a bag hung to its carrier, which the police believe had an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

             April 15, 2013. – Boston Marathon bombings. Two brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnev, planted two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The blast killed 3 and injured 183 others.[125]

             May 7, 2013. – Hangu, Pakistan. In a wave of pre-election sectarian violence a suicide attack, at a rally for a candidate of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a pro-taliban religious party, killed at least 15 people and injured more than 40 including an election candidate.[126][127][128]

             May 22, 2013 – Two men with cleavers kill British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.[129][130]

             May 25, 2013 – Makhachkala, Dagestan. A female suicide bomber blew herself up in southern Russia's restive Dagestan, wounding 12 people.[131]

             May 25, 2013 – Samarra, Iraq. A car bomb exploded near a bus killing 6 Iranians and 1 Iraqi.14 others were wounded.[132]

             January 1, 2014 – Quetta, Pakistan. A bus carrying Shia pilgrims is hit by Sunni suicide bomber, leaving 3 dead.[133]

             January 1, 2014 – Mogadishu, Somalia. A suicide blast outside a hotel leave 20 dead[134]

             January 1, 2014 – Tarmiya, Iraq. Sunni radicals storm a police station and kill 4 officers[135]

             January 2, 2014 – Balad Ruz, Iraq. 19 people at a car dealership are blown into pieces by a Fidayeen suicide bomber and injured 37 others[136]

             January 3, 2014 – Amran[disambiguation needed], Yemen. 23 people are killed during a clash between Sunni and Shia's.[137]

             January 5, 2014 – Bhagdad, Iraq. 'Insurgents' kill 20 Iraqis with a series of bombings, mostly in Shia neighborhoods.[138]

             January 6, 2014 – Tirah, Pakistan. 10 people died including 3 children and 9 people were injured in a blast in Tirah valley[139]

             January 6, 2014 – Aleppo, Syria. The Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) executed 50 people at a children's hospital.[140]

             January 7, 2014 – Darkoush, Syria. A Fidayyen sucide attack kills 20 people.[141]

             January 9, 2014 – Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide bomber murders over 20 young police recruits waiting to register at an army recruiting center.[142]

             January 10, 2014 – Hama, Syria. Sunni terrorists detonate a car bomb outside a school, wiping out 18 innocents.[143]

             January 9, 2014 – Maiduguri, Nigeria. A Boko Haram blast at a busy market blows 20 shoppers in to pieces.[144]

             January 14, 2014 – Kantari, Syria. 60 'prisoners' are executed by ISIL.[145]

             January 15, 2014 – Aleppo, Syria. An al-Qaeda car bomb leaves over 24 dead.[146]

             January 15, 2014 – Bhagdad, Iraq. al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) kills over 75 in bombings and shootings.[147]

             January 16, 2014 – Bayda[disambiguation needed], Yemen. 3 al-Qaeda suicide attacks leave 10 security personnel dead.[148]

             January 16, 2014 – Peshawar, Pakistan. 10 people at a worship center are killed,over 60 people were seriously injured.[149]

             January 17, 2014 – Jarabulus, Syria. The ISIL behead 10 men and plant their heads on spikes.[150]

             January 17, 2014 – Jarabulus, Syria. A 2-year-old is among 12 women and children slaughtered in their home by pro-Sharia militants.[150]

             January 18, 2014 – Bhagdad, Iraq. A series of Mujahideen bomb blasts killed 19 Iraqis.[151]

             January 19, 2014 – Bannu, Pakistan. 22 local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Sunni fundamentalists.[152]

             January 21, 2014 – Kabul, Afghanistan. Over 20 people at a restaurant die when a suicide bombing is followed by an automatic weapons assault.[153]

             March 1, 2014 Kunming attack – Kunming, China. A group of knife-wielding Uyghur attackers stormed Kunming Railway Station, killing 29 civilians and wounding 143 people. 4 of the attackers were shot dead.[154]


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