Saturday, April 12, 2014

Biggest victims of Islam

1) People who claim to know god and speak in his name are the worst enemies of reason, rationality and honesty.
2) A lot of violence has taken place in the name of god, and islam was, is and will be the worst offender. No religion misuses god's name as much as does islam.
3) Muslim leaders want that muslims should remain semi-ignorant and emotional. Such people can be easily misused for fascism. Islam is an ideology that satisfies several criteria of fascism and totalitarianism.
4) Islam is also an instrument of arabic imperialism upon non-arabs.
5) Because of these basic defects and deficiencies in islam this ideology (=islam) can be maintained only with the help of many lies and manipulations and intimidations. Anything that exposes these lies causes muslims to become emotional and even violent. Muslims are thus the biggest victims of islam.

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