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Useful link on International business and cultural interest

Do you have an interesting or useful link on international business, or of cultural interest?
Do you need any cross-cultural or international resources?
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  1. National Geographic Top 10 Space Photos, Most Viewed 2008, Don’t miss #1 - celestial Smiley Face seen from earth
  2. 5 Mentally Ill Monarchs from Mental Floss
  3. 12 Oddly Specific Museums Preserving Our History from Mental Floss
  4. The World’s Cleanest Countries, Europe, led by Switzerland, leads the way as the U.S. falls - from Forbes
  5. World’s 20 Best Places To Live, Quality of life makes people in these cities love where they reside - from Forbes
  6. World’s Friendliest Countries, Those in search of a fresh start might head to these welcoming spots - from Forbes
  7. Trinidad: The America Of The Caribbean, With a three-year economic lag behind the U.S. - from Forbes
  8. Ben Franklin - an interactive time line of his lifetime
  9. The Science of Cute - from Popular Science’s “The Science of YouTube”
  10. How much do you procrastinate? - short video on Wimp resonates of truth for some days
  11. Top 15 Strangest Conditions of the Human Mind
  12. Top 15 Most Astonishing Coincidences of All Time from
  13. Internet Justice - 6 Crimes Solved by Facebook
  14. Swine Flu Fashion: Pimp my Mask
  15. Streets of Paris - street fashion from Style Sightings - better hair styles than I saw during my last days in Paris
  16. 75 Amazing Ways to Maximize Your Brain Power - browsing this on, think I’ll give speed reading a try
  17. Pronunciation Poem - highlights some of the absurdities of our language - read it out loud!
  18. 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds
  19. Still haven’t drawn up a reading list for the next few months? Stephen King - 7 Great Books for Summer
  20. Picture Show: You Are What You Eat - a look into other peoples fridges - - Makes me think a bit more about what I buy
  21. Movie Mistakes - Just saw Wolverine
  22. US Zip Codes - look them up on a map
  23. My Favorite 12 Google Maps Mashups - There are several links here well worth looking at
  24. Earth Album - a Flickr mash-up to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world on Google maps & Flickr
  25. MezzoMan - Map to find the best place for people in different locations to meet in the middle
  26. If you dig straight down, what’s on the other side of the world?
  27. Where Do You Want To Work?
  28. Americans Need International English Too
  29. Why Cross-Cultural Marketing Is Not An Option
  30. Twitter FollowFriday - @Tosk59
  31. International Marketing Review #52
  32. 10 Common Misconceptions About Britain - Clear explanation on what is Britain & interesting info on English anthem
  33. World of 100 - 20 posters tell the story in simple graphics - another interesting look at world demographic stats
  34. The happiest taxes on earth - - More people are satisfied in heavily tariffed nations
  35. European Portal For SME’s - information on all European Union policies & initiatives
  36. European Commission, Promoting SMEs and Entrepreneurship
  37. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - European exchange programme to help new entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills
  38. European Market Access Database
  39. Language Advantage - says they are an independent guide to the best & most innovative language courses in the world
  40. You can buy in your own language, but you must sell in the language of your customer
  41. EURES - the European job mobility portal
  42. Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Action will delineate and define you. ~ Thomas Jefferson - via @copyblogger @JWWrites
  43. Most jobs in US are created by small companies. SMEs comprise almost 97% of U.S. exporters
  44. Guangdong opens special trade fair to help small companies tap into domestic Chinese market
  45. Man is buffeted by outside circumstances so long as he believes himself 2 B the creature of outside circumstances - J. Allen - RT @PaulCarterJr
  46. IAESTE The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
  47. AIESEC - international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential
  48. INSEAD Knowledge video - Anil Gaba on the illusion of control
  49. Cross-Culture Tweets - Week 20 of 2009
  50. Issue 67. Acting Interculturally Competent « Intercultural Eyes - via @HollywoodStreet
  51. Win a set of multicultural books with “Around the World in 100 Bookshelves” - RT @prathambooks @thinkchangeind
  52. @giuseppelatte & @stevioz - Thanks for the RT! - Why Cross-Cultural Marketing Is Not An Option
  53. The Entrepreneur’s Handbook – 59 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs - via @stevioz
  54. About Asia’s Top Social Networks & “Innovation Arbitrage”: Benjamin Joffe - via @giuseppelatte
  55. RT @shinils - Wishing you all a very happy World Telecommunication Day. :-)
  56. Cross Cultural Quiz on business cards - via @Culture4travel
  57. Increase students global awareness (a 21st century requirement) through multicultural picture books - via @MaryKayG
  58. RT @agilenature - Using “Children of a Lesser God” To Teach Intercultural Communication - See also
  59. International Business Employment: The Myriad of Opportunities
  60. How to improve Cross- Cultural Negotiation to Get International Clients
  61. RT @denizenmag - Get your Third Culture Kid/Living Abroad memoirs published!
  62. Do cross-cultural social events sow unity or division? Read some students questions on this - via @gulf
  63. Taking an Expanded View of Collaboration - with social media today - from @ducttape
  64. 100 Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA - some decent finds on this list - via @ducttape
  65. How are you getting over the language barriers to develop your international business?
  66. Estonian Development Fund launches the international business incubator SeedBooster - via @jkaljundi
  67. The Avatars importance in Social Media Marketing for Small Biz - @MyCaricaturecom
  68. RT @basebot - Fantastic example of old-fashioned direct mail and social media marketing working together
  69. Get curious and stay curious - this is the best tool for international market intelligence.
  70. The Thai tradition of assigning colors to each day - originates in India - via @kvashee
  71. Bad #translation - It’s Less Funny When You Can Read the Arabic - via @kvashee
  72. Great brainstorming questions to use multichannel marketing - free for subscribers
  73. How Small Businesses Are Benefiting From Twitter (AdAge) - via @Mike_Stelzner @DeniseWakeman
  74. Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. - Arthur Koestler - via @jackalert
  75. How have your cross- cultural communication skills helped you in your job?
  76. What do you do to learn more about your international clients for more international sales?
  77. A presentation on culture and business
  78. Great Lecture by Thomas Friedman at MIT - long video worth listening to, the latest from The World Is Flat author
  79. Learn to speak “Dog” - type a word into the canine translator to see the doggy translation
  80. How do you implement your international market research into your international communication?
  81. International marketing needs to give you more feedback and has to be geared for more flexibility
  82. Cross-cultural communication gets beyond cultural differences in behaviors, perceptions and customs
  83. Starbucks Takes its Social Media Marketing Offline - via @gladperez
  84. When marketing campaigns and cross-cultural competence do NOT meet - via @EPetersonSHRM @marieadams @Lindsay39
  85. In international sales trust is an even bigger factor than in domestic sales
  86. How Will the Recession Affect Multicultural Marketing? - via @Hdnweb
  87. What do you need to develop your business internationally?
  88. Win a FREE ticket to Social Media Success Summit 2009 #smsuccess
  89. Marketing experts don’t ‘get’ social media - Another reason to enter this contest #smsuccess
  90. Google falling behind Twitter - Want to get a grip on social media? Read this before it’s too late
  91. Two half- truths do not make a truth, and two half- cultures do not make a culture - Arthur Koestler
  92. The Next Big Shift In Web Marketing - Get a grip on social media before it’s too late #smsuccess
  93. Join the Worldwide GTD Weekly Review - via @GTDCoachKelly @lyceum #Tweekly
  94. Free webinar for beginners - how to get your biz found online. Today at 2pm EDT #SMBTOOLS RT @smallbiztrends @lyceum
  95. @lyceum - Cool way to do GTD Weekly Review on Twitter with @GTDCoachKelly May 28th 10-11AM Pacific Time #Tweekly - looking forward to it :)
  96. How To Win A Free Spot At The Social Media Success Summit 2009…
  97. Jump Into The Stream - Ready? Sign up for this community-building event & learn more #smsuccess
  98. When does international marketing bring you the most international sales?
  99. Cross-cultural collaboration facilitates multimedia encounters with artworks from Louvre’s collection in Japan - RT @musetech
  100. Check out the three links on Culturally Teaching that describe a Japanese elementary, middle, and high school
  101. Thanks for letting me make my case & participate in the #smsuccess contest :) You can too & win prizes to improve your businesss
  102. Just added the Integrated Gmail to FireFox browser + a few other Gmail gadgets and enjoying a totally new Gmail experience.
  103. Need to understand your international clients more? Develop your own cross- cultural communication skills first
  104. It’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
  105. Why Americans Are Adopting Fewer Kids from China
  106. Allow extra time for feedback from field sales before developing your international sales strategy
  107. The greatest inspiration is often born of desperation - Comer Cotrell
  108. America scared of Canada and their multicultural terrorists? - via @investoralist
  109. Do you think you only need one international website for all of your international clients?
  110. International web marketing builds relationships across cultures
  111. What is stopping you from developing your cross- cultural communication?
  112. How does multichannel marketing help you get more international sales?
  113. Get to know your new international market before positioning your product in a different culture
  114. Clarity Challenge To Improve Your Cross-Cultural Skills & Make More International Sales
  115. A great list of culture films
  116. What difference do you see in different marketing channels for different international markets?
  117. Great brainstorming questions to improve trust with international clients - free for subscribers
  118. Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity - Lou Holtz
  119. Do You Have Any Culture Tips To Share?
  120. One Eye Gives Vision, Two Eyes Give Perspective
  121. Twitter FollowFriday - Martin Lindeskog
  122. Small biz in Europe coping well in recession, in spite of banks’ reluctance to increase lending - via @CrossRefSearch
  123. International business is about getting to know why your international clients buy your product
  124. Psychotactics Zingers - How Your Competition Can Bring More Revenue Than Customers by @seandsouza
  125. Five ways to stop making bad decisions ☺ via @Paul_Lemberg & we both like the one about having too many choices
  126. Great brainstorming questions to improve your international web visibility - free for subscribers
  127. International Marketing Review #53

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