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The Abc’s of Personal Growth

The Abc’s of Personal Growth

Action: Taking action is an essential component of growth. Our idea’s ,our dreams, and our desires, cannot manifest unless action is taken. Too often we get stuck up in the “planning process” and forget to put forth the effort that is required. Stop thinking. Take action.

Believe: One of the deadliest epidemics around today, results from a lack of belief in ourselves. This epidemic is responsible for the death of millions of dreams. To truly live to our fullest potential we must believe in ourselves. We must believe in the purpose that that lies inside of us. We must believe in our ability to persevere. We must believe in our ability to change the world. We must believe

Create: The potential in each and everyone of us is unlimited, yet we must manifest this potential and put it into the world for it to do any good. We must create value and share it with the world. We must create the world in which we wish to live. What are you waiting for? Create yourself today.

Desire: One of the biggest reasons we never live to our fullest potential is because we do not desire to be great. Many of us are OK with living an average life. But we are naturally wired to live a wonderful life. If you wish to live the life of your dreams it is essential you cultivate that desire. Desire to be great. You just might be.

Exercise: In pursuit of your dreams is it essential to not forget about your body. Neglecting your body will eventually catch up to you. Go out for a walk. Go out for a run. Play a sport. Be active. Take care of your body.

Fail: Fail. Yes that’s right fail. Because when we fail we learn. And when we learn we grow. Look at each one of your failure’s in a way in which you can benefit. Never get down on yourself because you “failed.” How did we learn to walk? We tried and fell. Don’t let failure determine the quality of your life. When you fail. You grow.

Grow: No matter what life throws our way, we must always choose to grow. Life will be full of ups and downs yet if we do not choose to grow from the events in which we are presented we will always be miserable. Stop whining. Live, laugh, and grow.

Help: A truly fulfilled life is a life in which we help one another. When we help people we are not only helping those individuals, we are also helping ourselves to a life of happiness. When we are truly immersed in service our ego turns off, and only when our ego turn’s off can we truly begin to live.

Initiative: Unless we learn to take initiative, our lives will continue to remain unfulfilled. In this day and age we can truly become whoever we want to be. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. It will never come. Get up and make something of yourself.

Joyful: Be joyful. Learn to relax. Learn to enjoy. Be happy.

Kind: Be kind :)

Love: Love. Love yourself. Love your friends. Love your family. Radiate love. Learning to love is the single best thing you can ever do. What are you waiting for?

Mastermind: The people in which we surround ourselves with, may perhaps be the single greatest influence on the person we become. Surround yourself with people who desire to become the best they can be. Slowly weed out those negative friendships that do nothing but bring you down. Want to be great? Surround yourself with great people.

Now: For us to truly enjoy our life we must do everything in our power to live in the moment. Stop worrying about the past or the future. Worry about what’s going on now. Enjoy everything that you love to do.

Observe: One of the best way’s in which we can learn and grow is simply by observing. Model yourself after someone you look up to. Watch great people do great things. Just people watch. Through observing the greatness in humanity we to can become the greatness we seek.

Persevere: Set backs will occur. How long you remain in these setbacks is solely up to you. You can choose to quit. Or you can choose to never give up. Those who quit, live an average life. Those who never give up well, those are the people you look up to. There’s a one hundred percent chance you will reach your goal if you never stop to feel sorry for yourself.

Question: Question. Question. Question. Take every source of information and run it through your head. Does it make sense? Does it empower you? Do not be hypnotized by the all the negative media out there. You are the guardian of your mind. Something sound fishy? It probably is. Always question. Always learn.

Read: If you want to change your life, you must read. Reading is the most powerful growth tool out there. Through reading, you immerse yourself in different perspectives and as a result become a better you. Don’t take everything as fact. Use reading to empower and ignore everything else. Every problem you have, has been experienced by hundreds if not thousands of people before you. Use the gift of reading to aid you in living your dreams.

Sacrifice: Developing the greatest you requires sacrifice. It requires effort. It requires time. Sacrifice is part of growing. Your sacrifice now, will pay off later.

Talk: Locking yourself up in your own mental cage will do nothing but hinder your growth. Interact. Talk with people. Listen to people. Get out and enjoy life while in the presence of others :)

Understand: As Plato would say ” We know nothing.” Our path of growth requires for us to keep an open mind, for if we don’t we will never learn. This doesn’t mean to accept everything as true. Use your logic and intuition to understand a specific perspective. If you disagree with someone, realize that you each have two different perspectives, both of which are perfectly valid.

Vision: If you wish to go places, you have to have a vision. This vision should be yours. Not your friends. Not your family’s. But yours. What do you REALLY want? Write it down. Close your eyes. Picture yourself living the life of your dreams!

Will: Your will to do something determines your success. One of my favorite quotes from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is ” Your I can is more important than your IQ.”If you want to do something, the only thing that’s stopping you, is you.

Xpectations: Always go into something with the expectation you will do great. Have the expectation that things will go right. So often we sabotage our success because we expect things to go wrong.

You: The most important part of your personal growth journey is you. You and only you are solely responsible for the life you create. Will it be a good one? That’s up to you.

Zest: Stop being boring. If your not jumping out of bed with enthusiasm you still have a ways to go. Go out and live your life. Dare. Take risks. Live. Laugh. Grow. :-)

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