Friday, June 20, 2008

10 facts about kissing

Some people believe that the custom of kissing originated in India! Difficult to believe, looking at the amount of fuss that is kicked up over onscreen kissing! And did you know that the perfect picture of marital bliss, the image of a man kissing his wife before leaving for work actually started in ancient Rome. But the reasons are far from romantic! The gladiators kissed their wives just wanted to make sure they hadn’t been drinking the wine at home, in their absence! Read on for more such interesting trivia on one of the most pleasurable activities!

1. Kissing is an art. Kissing is a science. And this science is called Philematology.

2. A German University studied hundreds of couples kissing and came to the conclusion that two-thirds of people turn to their right when kissing.

3. The longest recorded kiss lasted for 31 hours and 18 minutes. This feat was performed by an Italian couple, however the man had to receive oxygen soon after. Hope both had had a lot of mouth fresheners!

4. When you kiss, you release the same chemical messengers in the brain as those that are released when you indulge in intense physical activities like running a marathon! Cool! Skip that run and kiss your way to a slim bod!

5. Kissing helps reduce tooth decay by increasing the production of saliva, which results in a clean mouth and thereby the prevention of tooth decay.

6. Most of us love the candy Hershey’s Kisses. Do you know how it got its name? The machine that makes them actually looks like it’s kissing the conveyor belt.

7. In medevial Italy, if a man was caught kissing a woman in public, he had to marry her. Whether they liked it or not!

8. Today a big deal is made about kissing in Indian movies, but the fact is that the first movie kiss happened in 1896 in a movie called The Kiss.

9. The official first on screen kiss in India happened in 1933. The movie was Karma and actress Devika Rani kissed Himanshu Rai. Himanshu was her husband!

10. Ever wondered how kisses came out right in the dark? Well, our brain has special neurons that help kissers probe each other’s lips in the dark.

Source: India Syndicate

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