Monday, February 2, 2009

120+ Proxies For Browsing Web Anonymously And Accessing Blocked Websites

Everyone would have come across the situation where we have to access a website anonymously or access a blocked website. Proxy websites allows us to connect to any website anonymously by hiding our IP address. When we try to access a website using a web proxy, the web proxy hides our IP address and uses it’s own IP address to load the page.

Few reasons why I use web proxies
to access a web page anonymously
to access blocked web sites
to access the websites are allowed to view in specific countries(few websites to listen to music and watch movies are freely accessible only within US)
to see what type of ads are displayed on my blog when opened from different geo locations
to check whether DNS changes are propagated to all countries
There are hundreds of web proxies available on the net. But only very few are reliable and safe to use. Here is a list of proxies that are popular and reliable
Note: Using of proxies may not be allowed as per the rules and regulation of your school, office, university, etc. Use the proxies at your own risk. Don’t shout at me if your teacher or boss catches you

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